“Working with Dr. Masha Hareli at ATR enabled us to start before we could equip our own laboratories - a tremendous resource!
Dr. Hareli provided us with access to an immediately working experimental set-up in a rare space: immunological assay with primary human cells.  We could not be more satisfied with the timely execution, great attention to detail, meticulous reports and thoughtful approach. We will not hesitate to continue the collaboration.”
Tatiana Novobrantseva, Ph.D. Head of R&D, Verseau Therapeutics

“I route projects to Dr. Masha Hareli because she delivers strong science, competitive pricing and attention to details. She documents exactly what work will be performed and then consistently over-delivers and that makes my customers and I very happy.  I urge any small biopharma with a special flow/FACS or bioassay need to find out what Masha could do for their programs.”

Carol Gebert, Ph.D. Business Development Agent

​“Working with Dr. Hareli at ATR enabled us to have a true partner in our efforts to evaluate an academic invention being considered as a “developable” drug product. 
Dr. Hareli’s experience in both academic and industrial immunological research was a tremendous advantage that contributed to our progress in better understanding the biological properties of our drug candidates.  We were very pleased with the timely communication and the quality of the assay reports.  As the name, Accelerating Translational Research, implies, Dr. Hareli provides a service that allows start-up companies to quickly investigate and/or confirm the properties of in-licensed biologics.  I would definitely collaborate with ATR again.”   

Christopher Horvath, DVM, MS, DACVP, VP, PreClinical and Translational Medicine, INTICA Biomedical, Inc.

“Dr. Hareli’s expertise in flow cytometry is evident and she has been exceptionally responsive and flexible in accommodating our timelines for completing studies and reports. Thank you for doing an excellent job on the study and for analyzing and reporting the data so quickly.  The report looks great.”
Daniel E. Tracey, PhD, Research Advisor, Avaxia Biologics, Inc.


“Dr. Hareli at ATR is an outstanding partner in our growing company. She has provided services ranging from assay development and validation to sample analysis, bringing a depth of experience to help us improve upon existing assays and to adapt assays for changing needs. She brings to the table an incredible work ethic and attention to detail, providing timely, high quality analysis and reporting data. Most importantly, Dr. Hareli is exceptionally easy to work with, as she's able and eager to adapt to her clients' needs and does an excellent job explaining her work. I highly recommend Dr. Hareli and ATR.”
Stefan Wawersik, PhD, Senior Scientist, Pharmacology, Scholar Rock, Inc.
“Through ATR, Dr. Hareli was able to provide us with so much more than just assay reports. As an immunologist with experience in both academia and industry, her insights were very helpful to our efforts to translate an early stage academic concept into a pre-clinical therapeutic program. I would not hesitate to work with her again.”
   Carolyn E. Green, President, Atreaon, Inc.
“Dr. Hareli has been a tremendous help during a very hectic transition. Her expertise in cytometry and cell culture has been invaluable.
I found that she is a good listener, very easy to work with and her advice truly improved the outcome of our project.”

Katy McGirr, Ph.D. Director of Marketing and Applications, Cytonome